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  • Last updated on 1 June 2017

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PLEASE NOTE THAT I NOW HAVE A NEW WEBSITE AND ALL NEW ITEMS WILL NOW BE LISTED HERE: http://celebrityhotpics.co.uk                   

Therefore this website will no longer be updated. But you can still purchase from here.

Thank you for taking the time to look at our picture collections. These pictures are for you to own and enjoy. These are stored on our server, ready for transferring onto a Disc. We have over 14 million pictures in our possession and have over 3,000 picture collections listed.
I have now reduced my prices and postage costs so that they are now cheaper then the once I have listed on my ebay acccounts. When you buy from us, you will receive your collection on a DVD. To keep the costs to you as low as possible the disc comes in plain sleeve and with no artwork. Items will normally be shipped between 1 to 2 days of payment. You can use this disc with PC drives but there is no guarantee a non-PC drive (i.e. a portable DVD player) can show pictures. Photos vary in size and resolution


If an any item(s) purchased  from site doesn’t arrive, or doesn’t match the seller’s description, Just let us know and I will always send you replacements. We also offer our customers a 100% satisfaction guaranteed on all our discs, No questions asked.
We hope you find something that you like.

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Our prices start from just £2.25 per disc

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Free within the UK

Outside the UK is £2.75 for the first item and then 0.50p for each additional purchased and paid for at the same time.

All prices shown are in sterling (English Pounds)

Please note all images on these DVD’s were obtained freely from the internet for the benefit of fans and there is no charge for the images available on this or these DVDs. All Fees paid for the DVD’s are purely and totally for the time taken to assemble them together on a photo DVD and the costs involved in making it available.